WPGA Report: CARB’s Proposed Electric Forklift Regulation Could Cost Billions

The Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) has released an economic impact report that states California forklift owners and operators could experience up to $27 billion in costs resulting from the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) proposed regulation to eliminate internal combustion engine forklifts in the state.

“Throughout the rulemaking process, CARB did not adequately account for the overwhelming costs and impacts associated with its zero-emission forklift proposal,” said Colin Sueyres, President & CEO of the Western Propane Gas Association. “It’s critical that CARB take a hard look at the real-world impact of its proposal and work with small businesses throughout the state who have proposed a cheaper, more feasible, and more effective way to meet the state’s air quality goals. Additionally, local communities and others can’t afford to be hit with unintended consequences not accounted for.”

The report identifies costs arising from forklift replacements, battery purchases, charging station requirements and local government and community needs. While CARB estimates that 95,000 forklifts will be affected by their regulation, the report suggests that number will actually be closer to 220,000, which represents more than half of all forklifts in the state.

WPGA is hosting an hour-long briefing on March 7th at 12 pm to discuss the report’s findings. Registration is required to participate. Click here to view their press release.