Industry Resources

Wider adoption of clean-running natural gas vehicles (NGVs)—a proven technology in use worldwide—is key to helping California reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and petroleum dependence.

Funding & Incentives
List of federal, state, and local incentive programs that are currently available to assist fleet operators in the deployment of natural gas vehicles and infrastructure development. 

Upcoming Events
Calendar of upcoming events for all technology types.

Variety of downloadable resources that detail the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas vehicles and renewable natural gas.

Glossary of the common terms you might hear when learning more about natural gas vehicles and renewable natural gas.

This educational site provides price and station information, along with a gallery of CNG vehicle conversions.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership
CNGVP provides data and details on the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas vehicles and renewable natural gas.

This national trade association promotes the development of the U.S. market for natural gas vehicles, advocates for supportive federal policies, publishes a weekly newsletter and provides fact sheets and other information.

NGV Global
The International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles provides news and information on the industry from around the world.

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute
The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute provides training and consulting to address a full range of natural gas vehicle and fueling needs.

Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Forum
Led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission, the NGVTF aims to advance natural gas vehicle and infrastructure technology and deployment.