State Assembly Takes a Pass on AB 1550

Earlier this week, the California State Assembly declined to take a vote on AB 1550 (Bennett). The bill needed to move out of this House and to the State Senate before the January 31st deadline to remain viable. Since the bill failed to meet this milestone, it is considered “dead” for the legislative year and it is unlikely that the author will introduce an identical bill that could suffer the same fate as this one later this summer.

CRTA, along with representatives from the hydrogen industry, trade labor, alternative fuels and other business groups, opposed this bill that would have severely delayed the development of hydrogen production in California and put over $10 billion in private investment at risk.

We anticipate that Assembly Member Bennett (D, Ventura) will want to keep working on this issue so future conversation may be in order. For today, we are grateful to those who worked so hard to protect the expansion of hydrogen production in California.