Introducing CRTA!

The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition is now the California Renewable Transportation Alliance – CRTA.  The change is in response to the organization’s expanded focus on the use of renewable fuels to reduce trucking emissions. We can experience the future today through the increased use of renewable transportation fuels.

Transportation is the leading source of climate-altering greenhouse gases (GHG), as well as smog and other air pollutants.  Diesel trucks are the biggest contributors.  They are responsible for 70 % of the smog-causing pollution and 80 % of diesel particulate matter (soot), even though they number less than 7 percent of the 30 million registered vehicles in the state. 

“Building on a successful legacy, CRTA will remain the premiere organization that delivers on renewable fuel policies and near zero emission strategies here in the Golden State, said Todd Campbell, Chair of the CRTA Board of Directors.  “The Alliance will continue to promote sensible solutions that aggressively advance clean air, climate protection, job creation, and real-world solutions to California’s daunting mobile source challenges.”

CRTA President Nicole Rice added, “We are excited to turn the page to this new chapter in our history. With this new focus, we look forward to continuing the work of advancing cost-effective, lower-carbon technology solutions that can help California achieve even greater emission reductions, both today and into the future.”

Heavy-duty diesel trucks are the backbone of California’s thriving goods movement.  Every sector of the economy relies on trucks to transport their goods.  By transitioning these trucks to lower-carbon fuels and cleaner vehicle technologies today – like low NOx trucks fueled by renewable natural gas (RNG) – we get closer to achieving California’s climate goals and clean air standards.