Cummins and Hyliion Announce Collaboration to Provide Innovative Heavy-Duty Trucking Solution

CNGVC Member Cummins Inc. and Hyliion, a leader in electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 semi-trucks, have announced plans to join forces to bring the natural gas Hypertruck ERX powertrain to the North American Truck Market.

According to the press release, the Hypertruck ERX is an “electric powertrain that is recharged by an onboard natural gas generator for Class 8 commercial trucks that aims to provide operating costs, emissions reductions, and superior performance. Utilizing the 700+ commerical natural gas vehicle filling stations across North America, it enables long range and quick refueling, and when fueled with renewable natural gas, can provide net-negative carbon emissions to commerical fleets.”

“We are excited to work with Hyliion to offer this range extender electric and natural gas powertrain in the North America heavy duty truck market,” said J. Michael Taylor, General Manager Global Powertrain Integration, Cummins Inc. “Natural gas solutions are an integral part of our journey towards zero emissions. Integrating our engine with the Hyliion Hypertruck ERX solution is key to offering our customers a portfolio of powertrains across many fuel options to meet their sustainability goals.”

Cummins Inc. is a global power technology leader and together, these companies represent two of the leaders forging an industry-wide movement to use alternative fuels to more quickly transition to zero-emissions. You can view the Cummins press release to learn more about this exciting development and visit the Hyliion Hypertruck ERX website to learn more about this innovative technology.

The start of production for the Hypertruck ERX with the ISX12N Cummins natural gas power is anticipated to begin in late 2023.