Assembly Member Medina Announces Update on Status of CNGVC-Sponsored Bill

In response to the positive work done by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) earlier this year that resulted in significant improvements to the effectiveness and usability of the Carl Moyer On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles Program, Assembly Member Jose Medina (D-Riverside) announced this week that he will not continue pursuit of his legislative remedy found in AB 363.

“I have decided to not move my bill … forward,” Assembly Member Medina said of his AB 363 to streamline and modernize the Carl Moyer Air Quality Standards Attainment Program. “After successful advocacy and collaboration by our coalition of supporters and myself, I am pleased that the California Air Resources Board has made significant and impactful changes to the Carl Moyer Air Quality Standards Attainment Program, therefore achieving the intent of my legislation.” He concluded, “AB 363 served as a vehicle to necessitate such changes, primarily, incentivizing fleets to reduce the number of diesel engines by replacing them with cleaner engines. I would like to thank our sponsor, the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, for their hard work with my office on this bill.”

The bill was sponsored by CNGVC and supported by more than 21 organizations. In response to his decision, CNGVC President Nicole Rice commented, “We are grateful to Assembly Member Medina for advancing AB 363 to help bring expedited relief to communities exposed to the highest levels of air pollution, especially those disadvantaged communities of color. With his leadership and the subsequent action of CARB, we were able to reach a remedy that not only greatly improves the overall effectiveness of the on-road portion of the Carl Moyer Program, but opens up funding and participation opportunities for the further adoption of clean, low NOx trucks, powered by carbon-negative renewable natural gas, to displace diesel trucks.”

AB 363 enjoyed overwhelming, bipartisan support as it moved through the State Assembly. The bill most recently was referred to the the Senate Transportation Committee. Click here to view his entire announcement.