Advanced Clean Fleets: What You Need to Know About Your CNG Trucks

Did you know that CNG trucks can still be used and purchased under the recently approved California Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation? It’s true. There are several options that support continued and new CNG investments.

The ACF is the most comprehensive regulation by the California Air Resources Board in years and consequently, it can be somewhat challenging to navigate. No surprise that many fleets have questions about how to comply and what the new rule means for CNG.

That is why CRTA has compiled a list of the most common ACF questions into a short FAQ that is easy to read. This “cheat sheet” will guide you through some of the toughest provisions of the regulation. We also have provided an outline to explain how fleets can continue to use and purchase CNG under the regulation.

Check out our new FAQ homepage, CNG use guide and downloadable infographic for more information. And, make sure to sign up on the homepage to receive ACF updates.