ACT Expo 24 Premieres in Las Vegas, May 20-23, 2024

The Advanced Clean Transportation Expo (known as ACT Expo) is headed to Las Vegas May 20-23 2024. It is the largest conference and trade show that highlights the most advanced transportation technologies and clean fuels available in the marketplace today. Due to increased interest and record-breaking attendance, the conference has relocated to the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada.

This four-day educational conference highlights the latest trends, policy solutions, and technologies transforming advanced clean transportation. ACT Expo attendees hear directly from transportation’s most influential and progressive leaders and the world’s largest OEMs and suppliers present the latest advanced vehicles, clean fuels, sustainable transportation technologies and services.

The conference provides a unique opportunity to network with the most influential thought leaders and progressive fleets in commercial transportation and to spend a week engaging in peer-to-peer information exchange. Attendees include leading fleet operators from every on-road segment, global and national industry executives and stakeholders.

Registration is open and the agenda is now available. To learn more about the event, visit their website.