ACF: CARB Provides Compliance Tools, Announces Training Webinar

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has released several instructional materials to assist regulated entities in complying with Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF), which was adopted by CARB in April 2023.

These initial “Fact Sheets” provide a general overview of the regulation then offer details related to the different sections of the rule.  Additional fact sheets to be released later will provide more compliance assistance as well as information on regulatory exemptions and how to apply for them when available. 

CARB also plans to host several ACF training webinars with the first scheduled for Wednesday, October 18, 2023. This is a free online training that is open to the public and will provide an overview of the ACF regulation, cover who is affected, and outline the upcoming compliance requirements. Participants are encouraged to submit questions through the Zoom registration page no later than October 11, 2023 as staff anticipates a high turnout. Additionally, CARB staff has developed a fleet calculator to assist fleet owners in complying with the High Priority Fleet Model Year Schedule or the ZEV Milestones Option.

The ACF regulatory package remains with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) after being pulled to make non-substantive amendments in July, days before the OAL was required to render a decision. The amended package was resubmitted by CARB on August 30 and OAL has 30 working days to either approve or disapprove the rulemaking action.

Current and future instructional ACF compliance materials can be accessed here