Become a CRTA Member TODAY!

The support and participation of our Members is essential to promoting effective state policies and removing market barriers.


Joining the California Renewable Transportation Alliance today may be the single most important thing companies can do to ensure that renewable fuels and technology reaches its full potential as a viable solution to California’s air quality and climate goals.

As a Member, you will receive:

  • Opportunity to shape policy through access to policy makers via private meetings and advocacy days.
  • Early information on key initiatives, including incentive programs and new state policies.
  • Support for demonstration and testing programs.
  • A voice on the CRTA board or one of its committees, depending on your membership level.

Who should join?

  • Providers of renewable fuels (including RNG/biomethane) in California.
  • Fleets and other organizations that use vehicles powered by RNG and want to protect their investment.
  • Any business that sells, or wants to sell, RNG vehicles or related products in California.
  • Those who support the development and expansion of heavy-duty RNG trucks and equipment.

How to join:

The CRTA offers several levels of membership, depending on your organization’s desired participation. Our Sustainer and Initiator levels keep you informed on the latest developments.  The Director and Energizer levels elevate you to a position that drives policy decisions.  And, our Legacy level solidifies your long-term commitment to the continued use and availability of renewable fuels for transportation in California. 

To obtain a membership information packet, and/or to learn about our Small Fleet Discount, please contact Alliance President Nicole Rice.

Sustainer Membership – $7,500 annually

  • Monthly email updates on industry-related legislative and regulatory activities.
  • Eligible to participate on Standing or Ad-Hoc committee.
  • Beneficiary of industry advocacy in Sacramento.

Initiator Membership – $10,500 annually

Includes all the benefits of the Sustainer Level plus:

  • Regular “Action Updates” concerning real-time industry-related decisions and updates.
  • Eligible to Chair a Standing or Ad-Hoc committee.

Director Membership – $15,500 annually

Includes all the benefits of the Sustainer and Initiator Levels plus:

  • Includes 1 appointment to the Board of Directors.
  • Participation in quarterly Board Meetings where policy priorities are approved.
  • Placement of company name on website.

Energizer Membership – $31,500 annually

Includes all the benefits of the Sustainer, Initiator and Director Levels plus:

  • Includes 1 appointment to the Executive Committee who will also serve as an appointee to the Board of Directors.
  • Selection of 1 Alternate to the Board of Directors.  The Alternate will have access to information provided to the Board of Directors but can only participate and cast a vote in the Director’s absence.
  • Participation in monthly Executive Committee meetings where operational decisions and policy priorities are determined.
  • Invitations to exclusive briefings with legislative and regulatory decision-makers.
  • Placement of company logo and use of stock photos on website.
  • Featured testimonials on website.

Legacy Membership – $71,500 annually

Includes all the benefits of the All Levels of Membership plus:

  • Includes 2 appointments to the Board of Director, both of which will also serve as appointees to the Executive Committee.
  • Eligible to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chair the Executive Committee.  In these capacities, representatives will presides over the annual, special and executive meetings.
  • Featured quotes on website.

Your Alliance membership helps promote effective policies and remove market barriers. Become a member TODAY!