Who We Are

The California Renewable Transportation Alliance is an advocacy and education association that represents fleet operators, vehicle engine manufacturers, renewable fuel producers, utilities and fuel providers. Our member companies are dedicated to providing alternative transportation fuel and technology options to further California’s climate change goals and support the broader use of renewable natural gas (RNG) as a transportation fuel to improve emission reduction outcomes to reach our goals.

Our Mission

CRTA is the industry’s premier advocacy and education organization in California.  We work to promote clean and cost-effective renewable transportation solutions that will immediately achieve real climate and clean air benefits to improve the quality of life for all Californians.

The Alliance in Action

We continuously work with state regulators and legislators to develop, shape and advance policies that will increase alternative and renewable transportation fuel and vehicle use. We support new initiatives, provide up-to-date information on renewable transportation technology and market developments, promote solutions for rapid emission reductions through the use of RNG-powered medium- and heavy-duty trucks, contribute technical analysis to the state’s well-to-wheels fuel-cycle emissions reports, participate in regulatory work groups and legislative informational hearing, and advise stakeholders on testing and demonstration programs and help RNG-related businesses break into the California market.

Renewable natural gas alone could displace over 900 million gallons of diesel fuel a year in California.