2022 Scoping Plan Update

04.01.22 | Comments to CARB on how Alternative (Scenario) 3 most reasonably achieves the requirements under AB 32 – to develop a Scoping Plan that prioritizes cost-effectiveness and technological feasibility in striving for the 2030 statutory greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction target.

Alternative (Scenario) 3 offers a diverse and proportional mix of clean transportation fuel uses in the initial stages of the transition while we wait for other technologies like zero-emission trucks (ZEV) and Hydrogen vehicles to increase commercially and improve in performance.  

Further, when replacing traditional diesel in the early years with RNG-fueled heavy-duty trucks, Alternative 3 offers the most practical option for sustainable GHG reductions. It gives the state the time needed to make the transition, whereas both Alternatives (Scenarios) 1 and 2 offer too short of a timeline.

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